The Firm respects your right to privacy

Any details that you give to the Firm by using the Firm's website, any other online systems or in any other way may be added to our database. You do not have to give the Firm any  personal information in order to use most of the website or online systems. However, if you wish to take advantage of some of the more special personalised services that the Firm offers, you will need to provide certain information.

Your Consent

By using the Firm's website and other online systems, you understand that such collection and use of your personal information will be in the manner set out in this privacy policy. If the Firm changes or modifies this privacy policy, it will post those changes on this page.

Use of Personal Details

The Firm's database of personal details (however the Firm collects these details) is used by the Firm, and third parties acting on the Firm's behalf, for the purposes of its business.

The Firm may also occasionally send you mailings which you have requested or, in accordance with marketing laws, which it feels may interest you and/or are relevant to your practice/work. Such mailings may include details of the Firm's products and services; newsletters; briefing notes and legal updates; and invitations to the Firm's various training seminars and other events, in each case to make sure that you are kept informed about the Firm's activities and can market the Firm's services.

The Firm may, with your permission, provide your details to third parties either for the purposes of progressing your matters (and in accordance with our terms of business) or as otherwise discussed with you.

The Firm does not rent, sell or otherwise disclose your details to any other third party.

Contacting us about your information

If you would like to see the information we hold about you or would like to be removed from our database and/or any mailing lists, please contact our database manager.

To help the Firm keep its database up-to-date, you should let our database manager know should any of your contact details change or if you notice any inaccuracies in them. You can do this direct or via the unsubscribe options on the website and mailings. From time to time we may contact you to confirm that we hold your up-to-date data.


In common with most websites, the Firm uses cookies to capture certain information about its sites' use:

  • The Firm uses analytic cookies to understand how its websites are being used. These measure the number of visitors and tell the Firm how they navigate the sites.
  • To play video content on the site, and YouTube set analytics cookies to measure performance.
  • The Firm offers sharing tools (Facebook, Twitter etc) - If you use these, the sharing tools for those sites set a variety of cookies.

To that end the Firm categorise cookie use as follows:

Category 1

Strictly necessary: to fit this category, the cookie must be "related to a service provided on the website that has been explicitly requested by the user". Obvious cases include access to protected areas. The Firm also include cookies which remember previously entered text so it is not lost if the page refreshes. Relevant cookies used are:

  • sqlAuthCookieBack: Required for the CMS login for users
  • ASP.NET_SessionId: Required for the website application to store user sessions
  • _otpe: Required for CMS users
  • gsScrollPos: used for scroll positions

Category 2

Performance based: the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has issued guidelines on  cookies. It includes analytics, advertising and Pay Per Click cookies in this category - provided they only store anonymous data and cannot therefore be used for behavioural targeting of ads. The Firm uses these cookies:

  • Cookie Identifier > Service Exposure [] (anonymous)
  • Google Analytics - Universal

Category 3

Functionality based: these include cookies that remember user choices so that they have a more personalised experience. This may include detecting if the user has already seen a popup so that it isn't shown again, submitting comments and remembering colours, text size, etc. This website does not currently use any of these cookies.

Category 4

Targeting/advertising based: primarily these are the cookies that the relevant regulations were originally aimed at. This is aimed at cookies such as those which serve up targeted ads. Guidance on these cookies advises website owners to get clear, explicit consent from users if a site employs such technology.

The Firm does not use any cookies of this type.

We would be grateful if you would also contact us if you have any comments on this site or have spotted any errors or non-functioning parts of the site.