Mishcon Patent Litigation

Engineers, scientists, lawyers, clients: the attorneys in our Patent Litigation group are or have been all of these. No one can relate better to a client than someone who has been in their shoes and experienced their problems and concerns first-hand.

Our patent litigation team is comprised of trained and experienced engineers and scientists. Our attorneys have been clients, acting as General Counsel, Patent Counsel, or executives. We understand the tension between the legal and business implications of decisions and work closely with our clients to identify and understand their concerns so we can efficiently and successfully guide them through the ever-changing patent litigation landscape. We translate our experiences into effective counseling of our clients’ business and legal representatives and their engineering staffs, without ever losing sight of our clients’ big picture.

Having joined Mishcon from some of the most well-known and respected law firms, our team has extensive experience in all facets of patent litigation. Our attorneys represent patent owners trying to protect their unique patented technologies, pursuing both non-adversarial licensing and business approaches and highly adversarial aggressive litigation across the US. We also have significant experience representing companies unjustly accused of patent infringement. Our clients have ranged from the largest Fortune 500 companies to individual inventors. Having such varied experience provides us with unique insight into the tactics and strategies employed in litigation, allowing us to counter them in the most cost-efficient and effective manner.

Our deep experience, coupled with Mishcon’s creative and nimble approach to resolving disputes makes this firm singularly situated to help clients manage their risks in the high-stakes arena of patent litigation.