Mishcon Fraud / Asset Recovery (Tulip)

Devised by the team at Mishcon de Reya in London, Tulip (Turning Losses into Profits) is the first ever brand protection product from a law firm to combat the multi-billion dollar international anti-counterfeiting industry.

Following the success of the Tulip product in the UK, (The Financial Times described it as 'a pioneering anti-counterfeiting program'), Mishcon de Reya New York has developed Tulip in the US, specifically designed to turn any US based Anti-Counterfeiting Unit into a profit center.

Tulip is based on five principles:

  1. Attack the counterfeit distribution in the brand owner's market
  2. Treat counterfeiters exactly as you would fraudsters and criminals
  3. Hit them where it hurts them most - financially 
  4. Recover compensation for brand owners' lost profits
  5. Ensure that every anti-counterfeiting exercise produces a return that is at least two or three times what is invested

An international network of Tulip specialists gives the team the ability to reach every jurisdiction that counterfeiters use for their manufacturing, distribution and money management activities. The Firm's experienced Tulip investigators, with specialized web tracking software, have substantial advantage in identifying the key targets that clients need to focus on and assist in recovering concealed assets.

Over recent years, Tulip has helped clients recover hundreds of millions of dollars. It's disrupted and dismantled counterfeiting networks all over the world. And, as a result, has created a climate of fear in the counterfeiting community that has forced them to abandon clients' markets.