Mishcon Business Litigation

Increasingly complex ventures and tougher trading conditions have inevitably led to an increase in disputes.  Default is more common, as is scrutiny of the underlying terms.  Our ability to litigate effectively – thanks to the depth and breadth of our experience in this area - is a key driver of our success.  Litigation accounts for an unusually large proportion of our work and we anticipate that this will continue.



We act for clients in post-transactional fall out, as well as fraud, tort, and contact claims.  We act for investment houses, corporates and entrepreneurs.  We also act where the problem is with insiders – for example claims against officers and directors or claims brought by shareholders. 

In addition, we have specialists in a number of other areas including fraud, financial services, banking, and intellectual property.

We recognize that disputes are usually an unwelcome distraction from genuine enterprise, and therefore our aim is to avoid the cost and uncertainty of long-running litigation. Our strategy is to exert pressure early on to encourage an advantageous settlement - to keep costs in check.  We provide exceptional service at all levels.